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Network Weather Information Downloader Computer

The Network Weather Information Downloader Computer (NWIDC) is a powerful software that runs on any PC running Windows 7 and up. The NWIDC has been the main product of the AWL Weather Network since 2013.

Local, Automatic Weather Information

The NWIDC provides weather information that can be displayed either on a local city TV station or for a display in a store or transportation facility. The NWIDC provides accurate information via the Weather Underground API and weather alerts via National Weather Service RSS Feeds.

NWIDC Software Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Software Size: 10-15 MB

Processor: Software can handle most Intel Processors.

Software Screenshots

Screenshots of NWIDC Digital HD10 Core will be released at a later date. Thank You!

What Do Our Users Have To Say?

"When I first heard about NWIDC, I was like “I can’t wait for it to be released!”. So they provided a form for us to sign up to know when it comes out. They emailed us when it came out and asked us a good time for to set it up. They set it up using TeamViewer, quick and easily, and along the way the NWIDC Support agent explained what he was doing. It just so happened that there was severe weather later that day. The NWIDC was prepared and warned me immediately if a warning or watch was in effect." - Ethan C.

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NWIDC History

2013: NWIDC V1.0 or 1.1 was created as a beta.

2014: NWIDC gets the weather information 100% automatically.

Late 2015 & Early 2016: NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder is released after the loss of the previous version's build file.

Mid 2016: The NWIDC becomes 100% fully automatic and is now using Weather Underground's API to get weather conditions and forecasts and gets weather alerts right as they are issued from the official National Weather Service RSS Feed.