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NWIDC Digital HD10 Core to replace NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 12:25 PM

The NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder will be replaced with a new version of the NWIDC Software. AWN will be releasing NWIDC Digital HD10 Core. The reason for this update is because of many performance issues we have had with the program. The program has the tendency to crash when it is needed the most. The program is also known to not always update some information. While some of this can be blamed on a poor internet connection, the choice was made to discontinue NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder and create a new, more powerful NWIDC software that corrects many performance issues.

The software will have most of the features and informational graphics that NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder has. Most however, will have to be deleted due to errors being received by the software and those errors showing up in the live broadcast.

The new software will also have new graphics as we redesign the entire AWL Weather Network. The new graphics will also have a LDL as previous versions before Thunder have. Here is a rendering of the main graphics screen.

AWN will continue to supply support for NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder until the start of 2018. After then, NWIDC Digital HD10 Thunder users will then be recommended to switch to NWIDC Digital HD10 Core. 

Please stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to a possible release date. Thank You.

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