Althouse Sound and Weather

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Below is a list of the work done by Althouse Sound.

DJ & Event Sound

Community Family Movie Night
Douglass, KS

We have setup and operated the sound system for the Douglass Family Movie Nights. Our sound system has provided clear and full range sound similar to a cinema.

Frontier Day/Christmas Around Town Parade
Douglass, KS

We setup and operated the sound system for the 2018 Douglass Frontier Day Christmas Parade. The sound was loud and clear despite strong winds.  

Bulldog Dash/PTO Fun Nights
Douglass, KS

We operated the sound system and provided DJ services for the PTO Bulldog Dash, PTO Fun Nights, and Father & Daughter Dance.

DMS Dances
Douglass, KS

We have provided DJ services for middle school dances in the 2018-2019 school year.

Audio/Visual Installations

Douglass UMC
Douglass, KS

We designed and installed a new digital sound system using both new components and existing components from the original system. The system was designed for quality and volume for both speech and music and has high intelligibility and fidelity.