Web Live Streaming Systems

Is your church starting to live stream services to Facebook Live or YouTube? Do you need equipment to do that with? Althouse Sound and Weather can help!

Easy To Use Equipment = Successful Broadcast

We can ensure your live stream goes well with equipment that is easy to use and is dependable.

Audio Integration into Your Sound System

In some cases, especially churches, the microphone for the person speaking is the same microphone that goes into the sound system. Depending on your system, we can design your live streaming system to integrate into your existing sound system so what ever comes through will go to your viewers.

Computer Setup

If requested, we can pick out a desktop computer for your live streaming system.

Supporting YOU, After the Installation

We will provide you with support even after everything is installed and setup. Live stream not starting or no audio, we can assist you with what ever issues arise.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Austin Althouse today to get the Althouse Sound and Weather difference and see how we can make sure your message is seen and heard loud and clear!

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